Welcome to our Memorial Page, 

 Honoring the Fallen American Hero!


We welcome you to the Memorial Page where you can leave a kind message in honoring a Fallen American Hero. Our Dreamwish Seven Team Members wanted to make a statement by honoring your friend or love one who took an oath to protect and serve their community and/or our country.

Throughout this website you have the opportunity to learn about the American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporation and our employees. We are a nonprofit organization that helps the child (ren) and spouse of a American Fallen Hero. We also took an oath of office to support and defend the first responders and the United States Military and support personnel.

Knowing the oath we all take is true to our heart, we do not have all the answers, but what we do have is leadership and willing to go that extra mile for a public servants family. We have walked the walk now it time to help and give back. 

We are the only organization that will accept donations directly from you, a friend, family or business. We in turn take your donations and reroute that donation minus the credit card gateway charge of $2.50 per transaction, for the Federal Express overnight charge of $18.75, for the cashier's check which is inside the envelope. This figure is higher if the donation is sent outside the United States mainland and our administrative fee is $7.50 per transaction. Then we resubmit your donation to the family minus the fees and charges beyond our scope. This whole process takes less than five (5) business days. When the donation exceeds $150.00 we will dispatch the collected funds. If we receive multiple donations within a five day period then we will only have one Federal Express charge. Remember, you will receive a letter of donation from our nonprofit organization. We will send a copy of your donation amount to certify your donation we then in turn send the letter of donation to our accountant so he can process the forms to IRS so you can receive credit.

You can create an honor comment memorial page on behalf of your American Hero. Once the information is confirmed and the documentation is obtained we will certify the memorial page.

There are templates that you can choose from. Once you create a template just follow the prompts.

We are going to ask if you want your donation anonymous or do you want the family of the American Fallen Hero to know who donated on their behalf. We ask that you donate any amount, but we are asking for a donation of $18.00 per month to support this website and families in need.

You have the opportunity to purchase our Cuddle Bear and his textbook along with other items in our storefront and on your behalf of the child (ren) of an American Fallen Hero. When you purchase your item and donate above and beyond a child in need will also recieve Cuddle Bear as a gift in your honor.

You can establish a 5 K / 10 K color or not run/walk, a Golf or Fishing Tournament  events in their community on behalf of the fallen American Hero. On average we are seeing a family of an Fallen American Hero receive donations of upto $20,000.00 per annual event.

Yes, we will need to establish a volunteer network in your community to make these events  successful. We will pay all upfront fees and bring in our experts to over see the race. We will be reembursed on the back end so we can pay it forward to the next race and so on.

 Our goal is to manage either your Color 5 K - 10 K run/walk event, a Golf or Fishing Tounament

 in honoring the legacy of the American Fallen Hero in your community.

Please call our network today to help meet your goals.

You can establish an annual 5 K / 10 K run/walks, golf or fishing tournament honoring the American Fallen Hero. Every year we are confident that the base figures will increase by 10 percent each year thereafter.

Our goal with either event is to raise enough money to offset their annual mortgage payment. Based on $1,500.00 per month = $18,000.00 per year

If the event exceeds our expectations then our second goal is to offset their food base of $400.00 per month = $5,000.00 per year.

Thank you for your trust and the commitment you and we have in honoring a Fallen American Hero and their family. In the name of Freedom.


Your Dreamwish Seven Team

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