Donor: Thank you

February 25, 2016

Anita Edith                                                                                                            
301 West Deleon Street                                                                                                                        
Tampa, Florida 33602

Dear Ms. Edith;
Thank you, today you touched the heart of a child. Your generosity has brightened up our day as it gave us the ability through your donation to help a child of a fallen and/or injured American Hero.

Your gift of kindness went further than we could ever imagine. A special needs child, A Critically Ill child, a Handicapped child and/or a child of a fallen American Hero. We are hand carrying our mascot known as Cuddle Bear to the family in need. A bear that has a heart! A parent's love can never be replaced, but a loveable bear that has a golden heart stands for love and strength to carry forth that spark that was nearly extinguished.

Your donation means that someone cares about the love of a child. "A child is the legacy of the Parent who went to work, but never came home. We need to support that child (ren) and family and just maybe that child (ren) will become a leader."

We are receiving donations from caring citizens like you who have a connection. You should see the face of a child when we hand them our mascot known as Cuddle Bear. Your gift has touched the sole of our bear. When we sit down and share the story of you the donor to the family of a fallen hero at that moment that child reaches and clinches Cuddles and holds the bear tightly to their chest. Then I tell the family that our mascot known as; Cuddle Bear who has a heart is now loved.
Today, you gave that child a spark of hope knowing that their father or mother who took an oath of office to defend our communities and/or country in the name of FREEDOM did not do so in vain.  

Thank you for caring and from our Dreamwish Seven Team they thank you as well. Soon a child of a fallen hero will receive a lifetime award known as Cuddle Bear. "A bear that has the golden heart". Our oath of office is simple! We begin supporting the child and family of an injured or fallen American Hero when a family member or friend notifies us that an American Hero has been injured or succumbed to their injuries while in the line of duty.
Please become part of our chaperone team and/or our volunteer network and see firsthand the impact Cuddle Bear has on a child. The door is open and we must and will assist the families with nine (9) different programs that we offer in house to assist the child (ren) and family. Our network created a bond for the child and family grow to see they become sucessfull and succeed after their loss. Our team of experts is there to help, guide and support them during these trying times.

Again, thank you for sharing and giving our mascot (CUDDLE BEAR) a golden heart - one that beats for generations to come.  
Marc E. Klein
Marc E. Klein, CEO/Founder/Creator 
Your Dreamwish Seven Members   
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